Ruth Wyer

I Don’t Use My Powers For Good

Published by Spineless Wonders and can be purchased online here

Longlisted – Joanne Burn’s Award 2014.

Micro Lit Anthology launched at Melbourne Writers’ Festival.  Edited by Linda Godfrey & Bronwyn Mehan.

Every word counts when writers craft their stylish narratives in just half a page. Flashing The Square, the companion book of screen-sized stories flashed across Melbourne’s Federation Square, is packed with the best micro literature from around Australia. These 200-word gems sparkle with life, love, laughs, politics and poetry.

Featuring work by invited authors of microfiction and prose poem as well as finalists from the 2014 joanne burns Award selected by Angela Meyer and Richard Holt.


SMH 20/12/2014

This collection of microfiction and prose poems takes its name from an event at the Melbourne Writers Festival, where these miniature vignettes and mini-narratives were flashed on screens in Federation Square. There’s a high standard of writing here across a broad range of subjects.

The best contributions are full of potential and feeling: Susan McCreery’s one-paragraph sketch of a service-station hold-up fills the reader with dread, and Michelle Wright’s Taken, about a shark attack, with a kind of difficult grief. Ally Scale’s I Do is heartbreaking and Shady Cosgrove’s Call an Ambulance quite terrifying; for some reason the stories about unreasoning violence work best. Other contributors include such familiar names as Kirsten Tranter and A.S. Patric, as well as Angela Meyer whose recent collection of micro-stories, Captives, showed her mastery of this demanding little form.

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